Friday, October 15, 2010

Can scarves be considered art cloth?

My art crit group seems to think so!  I'm the only textile artist in a group with a couple of painters, a photographer, a glass and ceramic artist, printmakers, a collagist, and mixed media artists.  Last night, I brought my silk scarves to our meeting, just to show what I have been doing.

This one sold (although I was not planning on selling it till Open Studios in November) but more important was the fact that the artist who bought it and is curating an exhibit of our work, held up several of my silk scarves as art cloth and thought they should be exhibited,perhaps hung from fishing line, the way the Art Cloth Network exhibits our work.
While it won't happen this time because the gallery has the Walker Hanging System, which won't work with art cloth - I was thrilled that the other (non-fiber) artists even came up with the idea. Motto: if it's ART, the medium doesn't matter.

Thanks, guys!


Susan Ettl said...

WOW! I can understand why another artist would buy it. How exciting for you!!!

Dianne Hricko said...

Looking good Rayna. Many of my scarf customers say they feel they should be on the wall. I am glad they wrap them around their necks and go out in the world with them.

Jan Hadingham said...

Rayna, this piece is definitely art. If I saw someone wearing this I would have to ask for a better look.

So what is the line between "wearable art" and "art"?