Monday, April 2, 2012

Lines and Numbers exhibit and Fiber Philadelphia

Hi everyone,

Several members have just returned from a great weekend at Fiber Philadelphia 2012. We had a very positive response to our Lines and Numbers exhibit and lots of people came to the reception. The space was terrific and every piece was shown well and with space around it to really see it. One of the people who has already followed up with me after the weekend was Vivika Hansen DeNegre who is the Editor for Quilting Arts magazine. She was very impressed by our exhibit and wanted to know even more about art cloth. This is the same magazine that just had the article about our group! So we are making an impact on people out there in the world!

Judy and Brian Langille and Dianne Hricko did a great job  hanging the exhibit and getting things ready for the reception and it is much appreciated.

Russ, Mary Ellen, Judy, Joy, Connie, Barbara and Lisa were at the reception so we were each able to spend time with viewers and explain about different techniques.

Here are a few photos from the reception. I also sent these as an email to everyone so one way or the other you should be able to see something



Susan Purney Mark said...

It looks like a wonderful exhibit in a fabulous space, lots of room and fantastic lighting, congratulations.

Susie said...

Thanks for putting these up on the blog. The work is really striking for its diversity and its beauty.