Thursday, October 14, 2010

deColourant discharge

I recently received some free samples of the new discharge product, deColourant. Here are some pictures and a few of my thoughts on the product.

These are my two samples. The first, with the dragonflies, was done with silkscreening. The second was stamping using a cool silicone trivet I found at Target. The fabric was a silk broadcloth I'd dyed and overdyed a few weeks ago.

I used the color remover as well as the color replacer, mustard. You can see in the closeup below where the mustard color removed the color underneath and then applied color on top, all in one step. It looks distressed and imperfect because I didn't wait 24 hours to wash out after iron setting (using steam), so I lost color (still, a cool effect). The second sample lost no color as I waited a few days to wash out after setting.

I like this product a lot. It has much less of a smell than another brand's discharge paste, and though I was slightly irritated while setting the second piece (it had more product on it) because I am sensitive (asthma), it was far less than with other discharge pastes. I did use cross ventilation of windows and doors and overhead fan, but next time I will use a respirator.

I did not notice a lingering smell or any irritation after I left the room and then returned. In the past I have been able to notice the other discharge paste's lingering smell/irritation long after leaving the room, so for me this is a plus.

I will do more experimenting with application tools and amounts as well as trying some steaming in my steamer. I have a bit left from my experiments with this first bottle, but I did just order some from Dharma as they also have the paints, in stock as of today. I'm excited to try the metallics!


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Rayna said...

Thanks for the review, Mandi. I stopped using commercial discharge paste a couple of years ago and now use only thiox - either in paste form or in a pot. When I screenprint with it, I steam it to discharge it; the fumes never escape the pot with the lid. I have never had a problem - and I can paint back in with dye if I want to change the color of the discharged bits.