Monday, October 31, 2011

All Packed and Ready to Go . . .

I'm heading out to the Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas this Thursday. Since I'm teaching three classes and a demo, I have a lot of "stuff".  If you have never been, the Quilt Festival is amazing, overwhelming, inspiring, exhausting, and well worth attending! Even if you don't quilt, there are numerous workshops on a variety of surface design topics, a vendor exhibit with unlimited temptations, and some of the most beautiful and creative quilts in the world.  Two other members of the Artcloth Network are teaching there this year, Leslie Tucker Jenison and Maggie Weiss. Maybe we will see you there!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some recently dyed yardage

They are both soy wax resisted and painted with thickened dyes.

24 x 80 Exhibit - Connie Tiegel

Connie Tiegel  River Sunset

24 x 80 Exhibit - Susie Monday and Katherine Sylvan

Susie Monday   Hummers

Katherine Sylvan   Diptych: Stripes and Dots

24 x 80 Exhibit - Mary Ellen Latino and Russ Little

Mary Ellen Latino  Urban Jungle Dialog #1

Russ LIttle   Nature

24 x 80 Exhibit - Judy Langille

Judy Langille Scroll I

Judy Langille Scroll II

24 x 80 Exhibit - Diane Koppisch Hricko

Diane Koppisch Hricko   Bebop

Diane Koppisch Hricko    Second Shift

24 x 80 Exhibit - Sue Jones and Lisa Kerpoe

Sue Jones   Garden

Lisa Kerpoe   This Moment

24 x 80 Exhibit

Janet Hadingham 1920 Square Inches

Monday, October 24, 2011

24 x 80 Exhibit

In  2010 the members of the Art Cloth Network created the exhibit "24 x 80". The final, curated exhibit showcases the work of 12 artists. The unifying concept of the exhibition was defined by the size of the pieces to be shown.  Entries were created using any textile material that began with  white or natural in color and then were manipulated embellished, and transformed using surface design techniques including but not limited to; dye, screen printing, stamping, lamination, discharge, stain, stitch, beads, folds, paint, slashed, etc.
Els van Baarle, internationally known art cloth and batik artist was the juror for the exhibition.

The first piece shown is Fission by Laura Beehler.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Art Cloth Inspiration

Posted by Susie Monday

Anything, as we saw at our annual Art Cloth Network meeting, can be an artist's inspiration. After the meeting I took a "vacation day" and headed for the beach. I'm already thinking about how this sunset could inform a series of dyed and printed art cloth. What do you think?
I'm planning to start with soy wax batik over a pale blue textured background, resisted with a tied shibori pattern.

p.s. These were all taken within about the span of an hour.

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Location:13th Ave S,St Petersburg,United States

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Test post

We are learning about this.

St. Pete Inspires

Art Cloth Network has record attendance here for our annual meeting -- members from across the known (U.S. anyway) universe have landed for talk, sharing our work, food, laughter, more food.

While we wrestle with a few procedural items, the majority of the time for we 22 is spent in sharing approaches, themes, techniques, and work. and with that comes inspiration for more, and not one person left the room yesterday without some version of, " gee,I need to get back home and get to work."

A few gems of info:
Katherine Sylvan shared the Medieval view on strips and spots-- banned and shunned because of (stripes) association with evil, and (spots) illness and pistules.
Ecco felt (JoAnn's poly felt) is a good backing to fuse to art cloth when you want a heavier, flatter hang for a piece.
Altering cloth through adding and subtracting spans a very broad range of techniques, approaches, attitudes, materials and ways of working. Scarves to yardage, all by hand, digital with additions, stitched, fused, glues, painted and printed. Go for it.