Friday, October 7, 2016

2016 Art Cloth Network Meeting a Big Success in Little Rhody

Art Cloth Network held its largest ever annual meeting in Providence, Rhode Island last month with 22 members attending.  Much thanks to Mary Ellen Latino, Russ Little, President Wren Slocum, and Jeanne Sisson for arranging the meeting!  Here are just a few of the highlights:

ACN members dining at Circe in downtown Providence.  

Meeting organizers where able to schedule a tour of the RISD Museum for ACN members.  

This is just one of the beautiful murals in the downtown area.  

The show-and-tell portion of the meeting is always a favorite.  Here are just a few members displaying new work: 

 PR/Marketing Chair Barbara James

Catherine Kirsch

Jacque Davis (Chair of the 2018 meeting in St. Louis)

Membership Chair Jeanne Sisson

Judy Langille

Mary Ellen Latino (who helped plan the meeting)

Linda Dawson (ACN webmaster)

Incoming ACN President Russ Little

Our next meeting will be in Savannah, GA,  It is always great to be with your tribe.  Watch this space if you would like to become a part of Art Cloth Network, as our annual membership will begin in early 2017.