Saturday, October 15, 2011

St. Pete Inspires

Art Cloth Network has record attendance here for our annual meeting -- members from across the known (U.S. anyway) universe have landed for talk, sharing our work, food, laughter, more food.

While we wrestle with a few procedural items, the majority of the time for we 22 is spent in sharing approaches, themes, techniques, and work. and with that comes inspiration for more, and not one person left the room yesterday without some version of, " gee,I need to get back home and get to work."

A few gems of info:
Katherine Sylvan shared the Medieval view on strips and spots-- banned and shunned because of (stripes) association with evil, and (spots) illness and pistules.
Ecco felt (JoAnn's poly felt) is a good backing to fuse to art cloth when you want a heavier, flatter hang for a piece.
Altering cloth through adding and subtracting spans a very broad range of techniques, approaches, attitudes, materials and ways of working. Scarves to yardage, all by hand, digital with additions, stitched, fused, glues, painted and printed. Go for it.

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