Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Printing with Ink and Paint Textured Thermofaxes

In my last post I shared a method that I use to create thermofaxes for my textured backgrounds. Now it’s time to print some fabric with my altered ink and paint texture thermofax! Below is the thermofax image used to create the textures for an ArtCloth piece called Moon Dance.

After masking out areas that I wanted to remain free of color with freezer paper, I used opaque textile paint mixed to match the purple background (tone on tone).

Then after masking the newly printed purple background and figure, I did the second printing in yellow textile paint for the moon.

And finally after some hand painting, stamping and beading below is Moon Dance finished.

Moon Dance, 60x40”.
Materials; MX dyes, discharge, fabric paint, and glass beads on Fuji silk broadcloth.
Hand dyed, discharged, thermofax screened, hand printed, hand painted and beaded.

It is enthralling to watch a piece of cloth transformed from flat plane to a luminous field of dimension with this technique!


Lisa Kerpoe said...

Thanks for showing the process, Jeanne. You must buy freezer paper in bulk!

That's a great screen, and a beautiful piece of art cloth.

Susie said...

Very interesting technique thanks for sharing. it