Monday, March 19, 2012

Eye Candy

I've been playing around with surface/texture trying to resolve a couple of upcoming projects. One is inspired both by the visit Connie Tiegel and I took to the Chihuly Museum in St. Pete FL during the Art Cloth Network's annual meeting there. We found huge chunks of industrial glass acting as a window to the outside world (not done by Chihuly himself), and then I re-experienced those images during my trip in January to Patagonia and its glaciers. Same colors, same amazing depth and reflective qualities. VERY challenging to capture in textiles.

The yellow piece is one of many studies I've done for a new series of large panels I'm making which deal with color itself. I decided to start with yellow as it is a hard color for me to work with - the theory is that if I can do this one the rest should be a piece of cake. If not, I'll just eat the cake! Yellow poses innate challenges like being the only color which visually alters its hue when black is added to it becoming greenish. And we experience it as having a narrower band on the color wheel. It may not, but we don't label colors yellow which wander far from the primary as we do with other colors.


Susie said...

Beautiful, Deborah. The yellow pieces are very inspiring.

Deborah Weir said...

Thank you. My blog has several other trials for this big piece.