Monday, January 18, 2016

New Directions

18 January 2016

The hard cold air of today's January wind is creating a draft in my studio.
But I hardly notice as I am hard at work creating my new series. Last Spring, I
actually tore up some precious and beautifully dyed cloth. At first I was a little horrified. But, amazingly enough, that event set me on a new course. I am exploring shame and pride in the female form with the kimono shape in two and three dimensions as the substrate.

I will make twelve pieces following the color wheel and allow the process to develop the pieces as I do.  I like the chance to develop my knowledge about dye in a systematic and deep way. I want to use this opportunity to investigate techniques I haven't used consistently, like printing with thickened dye.

I began by developing the imagery and converting them to silk screens and thermofax screens and a stamp. That took all summer and much of the fall.  In November I started exploring color.

Starting with yellow,  I made samples in silk broadcloth, handkerchief linen and silk organza to explore the color palette that would represent shame and pride. I am now sorting the printing and dyeing order on silk broadcloth.

As I go along I will add posts here to keep you informed of my progress!


Jeanne Marklin said...

Hi Catherine,
It's good to see and hear how you're working on this new series. It would be good to add your name to the post so everyone knows the author. Happy New Year!
Jeanne Marklin

Jeanne Sisson said...

Oh Catherine, I so looking forward to seeing your progress, very exciting!