Sunday, April 10, 2016

Art Quilt Elements 2016

The Art Quilt Elements exhibit at the Wayne Art Center had an opening reception on April 2, with a full house. The venue is a beautiful stone building in a lovely suburb of Philadelphia. The exhibit dates are March 18 - April 30, 2016. If you can get to the show, it is rich in variety and well worth viewing.

Three Art Cloth Network members were juried into the exhibit. Judy Langille and Jeanne Marklin attended the opening and were able to talk for a few minutes. The opening was packed! Approximately 6 quilts sold on opening day. The color in the catalogue is much improved from past years and is well designed. It can be ordered on the Wayne Art Center website.

The surface design techniques of the ACN members were featured in each of our work.

Judy Langille in front of her work "Ancient Composite 1". 62" x 34"

The piece is composed of silk noil and linen. Langille screen printed the silk, used shibori style dyeing and hand pieced it. There are many French knots on the surface. Her artist statement:

"I am interested in ancient manuscripts and writings that are part of the historical memories of my ancestors. These "writings" in my work represent memories, both forgotten and recollected. The marks are sometimes screenprinted, and other times created by the use of shibori. Stitching in the fabric creates a texture, which implies that there is great detail in every life or story, held closest by those who lived it."

Marklin's work is titled "Blooming", and was made with snow dyed cotton fabric and machine pieced and quilted as well as fused.
"Blooming" 37" x 29"
She wrote: "Snow dyed fabrics have called me to showcase them and give others the opportunity to dream about them. They bring visions of under the sea, lichen and agates". 
At the opening, she stated that the patterns in the fabric remind her of the sense of awe we feel in nature, when we wonder how complex patterns came about.

"Leaf Fall, Oak Leaf Tangle" by Barbara Schneider. 50" x 25" x 6"

Schneider's artist statement for the piece: "I continue to explore the beauty of leaf shapes, textures and markings. I like to collect them at the end of summer when they have begun to wither and fragment. Looking at them closely and then enlarging them allows me to see them as sculptural objects. I look at the play of light upon surfaces, and shaping the pieces introduces a new element - light and shadow interacting with the undulating surfaces."

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