Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Here are some photos from my new series on incarceration.  Because I am a mixed media textile artist you will see a wide range of techniques and materials and even sizes.    The last 4 images are from the 19 cells in the series, so are smaller than the other pieces.  A 3D piece based on the first image - Receding Figures - is done (in collaboration with Steve Mandell, a fine art woodworker), and will be added to the posting when properly photographed.  The second image is of a piece called Alcatraz based upon photographs I took on a visit there to see an Ai Wei Weir installation.  The 2 large black pieces are (a much conflicted) homage to Alberto Burri when he was a POW in Hereford, Texas, during WW II.  And the fourth piece, a detail shot, is in reference to 9/11.  You can see all the work on my Behance Portfolio site at  

posted by Deborah Weir